Jewelry Appraisals and Estate Consultation

Douglas R. Harris Jewelers, Inc. operates a state of the art Gem Lab on premise.  Each appraisal is performed in-house with strict guidelines and precision.  We follow the guidelines of the Insurance Industry, the Gemological Institute of America, the American Gem Society, and the American Gem Trade Association.  We are insured and secured – alarm monitored for your protection.  Mr. Harris has over 40 years experience in the jewelry appraisal industry.  He has performed appraisals for Gaston Co. Courts, Lawyers, Bank Trust Departments, Bankruptcies, Divorces, Estates and for Estate Planning.

Each appraisal includes a formal written appraisal with digital photography of each piece.  Each piece is cleaned by ultrasound and steam cleaned.  All pieces are checked for tightness and wear.  We have the capability to e-mail the finished appraisal to your insurance company and also maintain a copy of your appraisal in the store for future reference.

Types of Appraisals:

Insurance Replacements




Estate Planning

Fees / Rate Schedules

24 Hr Express Service:  1st item $200.00

Each Additional item $85.00

Standard 3-5 Service:  1st item  $125.00

Each Additional item $55.00

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Estate Consultation and Estate Planning

Jewelry and watch collections were an important part of the culture of the 1950’s through the 1990’s and we find that most estate planners and heirs do not have any prior knowledge of the value or if their pieces are authentic or costume.  We schedule an appointment with the family and review, directly with them, each piece to determine what should be appraised and what should be donated.  We love to recommend that the unwanted costume pieces be donated to a local “Little Theater” or to a child care center.